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Datsun Roadster Hard Top (fitted)


There is a new Hard Top in Town. This will fit the High Screen Models only.

The Hard Top is a newly designed single skin vacuum resin infused, woven glass with Vinyl Ester resin (superior strength, and light weight). The shape is based on the original 2000 Hard Top. There are no stainless mouldings. There is a different mounting arrangement, as well as a different header rail with the three latches at the front. The rear window is a type of perspect. A light grey roof lining material is fitted.

The Hard Top is made to order only, and the car will have to be inspected /checked for suitability first. It is not suited to the self installer.

The "Roof Vent", the "High Mount Stop Light", and painting of the Hard Top are not included in the price.

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